TrainMe - #Ultimate Course#Ultimate

Not sure what you want to do?  School not for you?  We’ve got the #ULTIMATE course for you!

The #Ultimate is a FREE six-month course that gives you an introduction to a range of careers and skills to gain employment.    Click here for more details


TrainMe - Mechanical Engineering and Welding

Mechanical Engineering

Become an apprentice with the National Certificate in Mechanical Engineering from TrainMe

If you are looking for a career in welding, general engineering, machining, toolmaking, fitting, engineering maintenance, engineering fabrication, or marine engineering, then this FREE 10 month course will give you the foundation skills for these apprenticeships. Click here for more information


TrainMe - AgricultureAgriculture

Get Best Practice Farming Skills with the National Certificate in Agriculture Level 2

In Best Practice Farming you will learn practical skills such as tractor driving, safe use of quad bikes, fencing and chainsaw skills. You will also learn Occupational Safety & Health (OSH) practices and First Aid. Click here for more details.


SecurityTrainMe - Security Course

Prepare yourself for a career in the Police, NZ Defence Forces, Fire Service, Security industry and the opportunity to earn NCEA 2.

All uniformed roles now require a high level of fitness. This course is very physical. Physical training is a regular occurrence and participation is imperative. Teamwork is a lesson students will learn quickly… Click here for more details




TrainMe Horticulture LogoHorticulture

Learn the art of planting, growing and nurturing native plants. The course includes the safe use of tractors, how to service horticulture equipment and credits towards NCEA Level 2.  Click here for more details.




BizTechTrainMe BizTech Logo

Business and Technology Computer Course Level 3

BizTech is taught in a fun and supportive environment helping you gain your NCEA levels. You will learn a wide range of software skills to upgrade your future… Click here for more details




TrainMe Motor Trade Starter LogoMotor Trade Starter

Motor Trade Starter is a FREE 20-week course, taught in a fun and supportive environment helping you gain your NCEA levels. You will learn a wide range of automotive skills helping your fine tune your way into a higher level automotive courses.

 Click here for more details.


TrainMe - ESOL




Learning English

We work with refugees and migrants to lay a strong English foundation so they can progress into higher level programmes or into employment. Many of our students not only have high language needs, but are also at the crucial first stage in establishing their new life in New Zealand.  Click here for more details.



TrainMe - Literacy and Numeracy

Intensive Literacy and Numeracy

Having difficulty with reading and writing or making simple calculations can be stressful, hold back employment opportunities, and make the demands of everyday life a challenge. This programme is designed to give students the confidence to tackle those challenges.  Click here for more details.





RecruitmentTrainMe Recruitment

How do you really know who to choose?

With us, we work with them from 9:00am to 3:00pm each work day. We see them first-hand if they will turn up on time, how they interact with others, their commitment to task and motivation to work. And then… click here for more details